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How does the Real Estate Industry use the Salesforce Platform


For a long time, the real estate industry has been dominated by individuals who have been using the same tried and true techniques that were applied by their predecessors. Why change when the process isn’t broken and the industry continues to flourish?; A couple reasons come to mind — technology and competition. The National Association of Realtors has identified, the recent surge in the capacity and availability of custom digital technology has pushed many of these ‘old school’ agents into seeing the encroaching presence of new technologies as somewhat foreboding. These agents are now exiting the business, rather than forcing themselves to adapt to use new tools. This is leaving a vacuum in the industry as a whole. As new, younger, more tech-savvy agents are rushing to fill the void, the demand for new real-estate specific technology tools is becoming greater every day.


Real Estate Brokerages of All Sizes Find Success with Salesforce



Real Estate


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