sCRIPTsOURCING and AVideon Making healthcare more affordable for large employer groups

Gary Becker’s ScriptSourcing continues to experience extreme growth, and chose the Salesforce platform to support that growth and sales and data management. Becker hired AvideonCRM to deploy We serve as ScriptSourcing Salesforce Architect, Data Processing Team and Support. ScriptSourcing is very interesting business. They consume and analyze pharmaceutical spend data for large companies. They identify opportunities for cost savings and work with companies to lower their overall cost of health care by controlling pharmaceutical spend. A key part of our service is managing the process of loading vast amount of data into for analysis by the ScriptSourcing team. With their rapid growth, as new requirements are identified, AvideonCRM works with the ScriptSourcing team to define requirements, develop solutions, deploy change sets and support staff. 


Founded by CEO Gary Becker, a health insurance and risk management consultant for more than 30 years, ScriptSourcing works with employers to rein in the costs of Rx spending through a coordinated, seamless approach involving several key programs. We have developed a system that helps employers and employers significantly mitigate Rx costs and risks without compromising benefits.


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“AvideonCRM is an integral part of our team. We rely on them for loading and managing our lifeblood – pharma data that enables our team to identify savings, and work with employees to lower their cost of critical life-saving medicine. AvideonCRM’s attention to detail, security and process has allowed us to focus on sales and service and achieve outstanding growth in our business. It as a true partnership.”