BenefitsApp came to AvideonCRM in 2020 with the concept of a native mobile app developed on the platform. Their goal was to bridge the communication gap between employer’s open enrollment, and when employees need to know their benefits. We worked with the client to create a Salesforce Self-Registration Lightning Community wrapped with native mobile app coding to be offered on the major app stores. We integrated tools like HelloSign and Twilio from the AppExchange, and managed a custom integration with for mobile messaging. The product is now used by hundreds of BenefitsApp clients, and thousands of active users. 


Benefits made mobile, are benefits made easy. 

The first benefits platform built securely on the platform
providing employers a fast, efficient and secure mobile platform enabling eligible members access to their benefits, wherever they are.  BenefitsApp teams with Human Resource Professionals and their Plan Administrators to convey benefits to employees with the BenefitsApp platform.


BenefitsApp // Chief Operations Officer

Nancy McCarthy

“Avideon helped take BenefitsApp from concept to reality. BenefitsApp is a Salesforce Lightning Community with a native mobile wrapper that allows us to market it on the Apple and Google App Store. It is integrated with Twillio for SMS messaging and OneSignal for mobile messaging.  It is an amazing overall app and very a comprehensive platform. Avideon’s ability to see the big picture and deliver the fine detail has been tremendous.”