The AvideonCRM team all agree this is a neat business. For professional athletes who wish to have a non-profit philanthropy, PPF is the answer. They came to AvideonCRM with a company experiencing significant growth, multiple disparate business systems, more leads than they could effectively manage and a great challenge. AvidonCRM has worked with PPF’s fantastic team over the past year to analyze their business process, define needs, document workflows and deploy Salesforce.com as the platform to drive their business forward.  

Players Philanthropy Fund (PPF)

Players Philanthropy Fund (PPF), a 501(c)(3) public charity, provides back-office administration via Fiscal Sponsorship for 425+ charitable projects nationwide. With PPF, you avoid the hassles of managing your own foundation as PPF oversees financial administrative matters and ensures best practices in compliance. Additionally, PPF understands that every charitable dollar matters, which is why PPF offers the lowest fee for fiscal sponsorship in the industry!

PPF enables philanthropists to create a dedicated charitable project that can accept tax-deductible contributions to support qualified charitable mission(s). PPF is the proud fiscal sponsor of charitable initiatives for various philanthropists, including private individuals, athletes, entertainers, corporations, and other types of entities. To inquire about Fiscal Sponsorship with PPF, please complete our free, brief, and non-binding fiscal sponsorship application.


PPF // Chief Executive Officer


“Yes things are moving along nicely, lots of tweaking still but the staff seem happy with the progress- it will be a powerful tool!   I am thrilled where we stand. ”