How Companies in the Healthcare Industry are Using Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most powerful tools to help insurance companies grow. The platform allows insurance companies to digitise and streamline their processes and operations. It’s a complete digital solution to help insurance providers manage their business more efficiently, improve the customer experience, and stay ahead of the competition.

With us as a consulting partner, you can:

  • Move to quality-based, outcome-based care 
  • Streamline processes and reduce costs 
  • Adapt to rapid market transformations 
  • Empower consumers  
  • Bridge the gap between legacy systems and new approaches 

Take a proactive stance with sales

In today’s competitive environment, insurance providers need a sales pipeline that offers efficiency for managing their existing book of business, as well as new business and renewals. They need to know if producers are actively working their leads and prospects, what products their prospects have today, or when the prospect is up for renewal. They also need visibility into the size of the opportunity in terms of number of lives, face value, and commission. These are all key pieces of information that are effortless to access through Salesforce.

Whether you sell property and casualty, commercial insurance, personal lines or specialty products — either direct or through independent agents and brokers — AvideonCRM can help you:

  • Formalize your sales processes

  • Automate workflows to be sure you are responding to opportunities on a professional and timely basis

  • Log quotes coming from carriers

  • Manage the RFP process

  • Automate Underwriting

  • Track and store underwriting documentation for compliance and risk management

  • Leverage dashboards to monitor your team’s production and workload (and its seasonality)

Make customer service second nature

Exceptional client service is just as important as sales — perhaps even more so, since it’s essential to keeping the business you’ve worked hard to earn. From claims management to answering questions about employee eligibility or policy coverage, AvideonCRM can utilize the Service Cloud to stay on top of these requests, route them to the right people, and respond in a timely fashion.

Explore Salesforce Experience Portals

We can also utilize Experience Cloud to help you leverage an online community with a knowledge base to let your customers quickly find answers to common questions or manage open enrollment.

Nurture relationships with marketing automation

AvideonCRM can help you stay top of mind with your prospects and customers with marketing automation. From lead nurturing and onboarding journeys to renewal messaging and thought leadership initiatives, automation makes it effortless.



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